Exclusive Creations

In SCAVIA high class jewellery, there’s a magical touch, a little
surprise, an invention which makes 'that jewel' unmistakably SCAVIA.

"Maria Elisabetta" Ring

A top quality drop of Colombian emerald of over 6 carats rivals the intense green of the Cordillera Oriental that generates it.


"Anemone" Ring

It is perhaps that fascinating underwater dance that rests between your fingers that inspired me to create this ring!


"Anemone" Necklace

It is perhaps that fascinating underwater dance that rests on your neckline that inspired me to create this jewel!


"Cobra" Ring

The emblem of seduction, the exotic elegance of the jewel as an experience that whispers mystery and persuasion. Adorned with an enchanting emerald embraced by the brilliance of diamonds, capturing the essence of timeless luxury.


"Soiree" Necklace

Memory of a Venetian Lace. A necklace so delicate and refined expresses its incredible softness through gold, diamonds and emerald.


"Due Coni" Ring

Two beautiful round emeralds embraced by a very rigorous yellow gold geometry for this "Diamond International Award" winning ring.


"Sol Levante" Ring

This ring is born from a gesture of white gold, diamonds and hyaline quartz which holds an extraordinary beautiful Burmese ruby ​​of over 5 carats.


"Tenerezza" Ring

The meeting between the wood "bois de rose" and a brilliant Colombian emerald of over 5 carats creates a "surprise" that perhaps you were looking for in a ring.


"Pastry" Ring

A playful mix of lights and colors that come together to create a unique piece of high jewelry.


"Pusnee" Necklace

Different concept coexist in this art work... A very lively Colombian emerald from the Coscuez mine cut to buff-top… An absolute rigor of the various elements with elegant discretion.


"Milady" Ring

Where a large Colombian emerald of over 20 carats meets the brilliant lightness of this frame illuminated by two diamonds, very white diamond baguettes…


"Munira" Ring

Where a beautiful baguette of Burmese sapphire of more than 10 carats, not heated, is supported by a diamond capital.


"Ivory" Ring

The encounter of the white of fossil ivory with the pure green of this Colombian emerald cushion of more than 8 carats is now a classic SCAVIA high jewellery.


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