Our History

A Beauty Enchanting for Over 100 Years

From the beginnings

Corso Ventidue Marzo

It was in Milan on that Corso Ventidue Marzo at 29 that Domenico Scavia opened his goldsmith factory in 1911. And it was also there that Domenico's bride, Maria Scavia opened the first SCAVIA store in 1923. 

Protagonist of high jewelry

Sara Scavia

In the 1950s, Maria and Domenico's daughter Sara Scavia took over the running of the family business. The SCAVIA store on Corso Ventidue Marzo led by Sara began to grow into one of Italy's leading jewelry stores.

Working side by side

Fulvio Scavia

In 1968, Sara Scavia's son Fulvio joined the company at the age of only 17, joining his mother and sharing a passion for their work. 

During the next 20 years, they worked side by side, facing challenges and celebrating triumphs together. Through hard work, creativity and determination, they further solidified the reputation of the brand, contributing to its steady development and growth in the international jewelry and luxury industry. 

The place of reference

Via della Spiga, 9 - Milano

In the 1970s, a new store was opened in Milan, at Via della Spiga 9, it becomes the benchmark for Italian high jewellery. 

"Due Coni" Ring

Diamonds International Awards

In 1976, Fulvio Scavia won his first "Diamond International Awards" with the “Two Cones” ring, which has since become one of SCAVIA's recognizable symbols.

Super Oscar

Diamonds International Awards

In 1978, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the "Diamonds International Awards", it was decided to establish the “Super Oscar” award, which we won by making a necklace composed of 8 diamonds in all their different forms.

The first store abroad


It was then in the 1980s that Fulvio and his mother Sara, undertook the internationalization of the brand starting in Japan, where they decided to open the first store outside of Italy.

Asian market


In 1986, with the Asian market booming, SCAVIA decided to further expand its global presence by opening boutique in Bangkok. 

"Sandra DIA" Earrings

Elisabeth Taylor

In 1988, Fulvio Scavia designed the “Sandra DIA” earrings for Elizabeth Taylor's wedding. In the following years, these earrings were repeatedly recognized for their design, winning the “Diamonds International Awards” and being exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


Taste of beauty

"But what is the secret that SCAVIA jewelry was something different and unmistakable, in the world jewelry scenario, while not resorting to a formal standardization to identify the “brand”?

I would define this secret as the “Taste of Beauty!”

Where innovation is surprise, technical perfection and high quality materials are an indispensable constant, where simplicity of gesture and color become joy. 

Perhaps this is where the whole secret lies!"

- Fulvio Maria Scavia

"Fil Soie" and "Anniversary"

Diamonds International Awards

In 1994, Fulvio Scavia won another major victory at the “Diamonds International Awards” with the “Fil Soie” necklace and “Anniversary” ring.


Roberta Scavia

In the late 1990s, thanks to the meticulous work of Roberta Scavia, Fulvio's wife, a line of accessories characterized by a strong identity and sophistication was born and developed.

In 1998, “No Heel Shoes” was created in Milan, anticipating by at least 20 years what is now a trend.

“The city where I was born, Venice, gave me the refined taste of its culture ... which then became my style, my way of being, my ability to choose and create.” - Roberta Scavia 

"DIA Millenium" Ring

Diamonds International Awards

In 2000, the “DIA Millennium” ring added further glory to the brand, winning the D.I.A. award.

New Openings

Almaty and Lugano

SCAVIA, continuing the brand's internationalization process, in 2014 opened a prestigious store at the Rixos Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 2020, it opened a new store on Via Nassa in Lugano, Switzerland.

The world's most valuable teapot

Guinness World Records

In 2018, SCAVIA created “The Egoist” teapot, which won the Guinness Book of World Records and was named “the world's most valuable teapot,” worth $3 million. Entirely set with diamonds and rubies, it was made for the private collection of Nirmal Kumar Sethia.

New Openings

Tokyo and Dubai

In June 2023, SCAVIA reopened the store in Tokyo, in the new location in front of the Takarazuka Theater. In December of the same year, it opened the store in Dubai, in the renowned Jumeirah Al Qasr Hotel.

The continuing story

“This is a story, started a century ago, continued with my mother and then with me for me to transfer it to my son, like a Destiny. And from generation to generation this story gains more strength, more depth, becomes more beautiful and fascinating.

So there is continuity to consider. Yes, but what continuity? 

No, I'm not talking about commercial continuity or business continuity. No, I'm talking about spiritual continuity, artistic continuity, I'm talking about the personality of the SCAVIA men and women who have made and will make this niche brand something really special.”

- Fulvio Maria Scavia

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